What Numbing Cream is Best for Me?

What Numbing Cream is Best for Microblading?

When microblading, you must apply numbing cream to the brow area. Our Brow Ease formula is best for this kind of procedure. It is the perfect product to compliment your cosmetic skills. Simply rub it into the brow area, and allow for the cream to be absorbed into the skin.

What Numbing Cream is Best for Botox Fillers?

For any kind of cosmetic injection (such as botox lip procedures, botox cheek injections, etc.), we recommend using our Filler Freeze Formula. Rub the cream on the spot and similarly to Brow Ease, allow for the cream to absorb into the face. Once everything is numb, you may begin your procedure. We recommend applying Freeze Enhancer to enhance the time-window and numbing effectiveness to guarantee the comfort of your client. Some procedures are longer than others, and not to mention some people are more sensitive to pain. Freeze Enhancer is definitely a great option.


What Numbing Cream is Best for Laser Hair Removal?

Cosmetic Freeze is great for laser hair removal, or any painful procedures involving the face (except injections... that's what Filler Freeze Numbing Cream is For!)