Why You Need a Numbing Enhancer for Microblading

Why You Need a Numbing Enhancer for Microblading

Why Use an Enhancer if I Just Used Numbing Cream?

Numbing cream is crucial for many cosmetic procedures, such as microblading. Similarly to how some people happen to have higher tooth sensitivity than others, many people have sensitive skin. Pain tolerances vary, and in procedures such as microblading, many practitioners are forced to stop midway through the session (due to their patient's low pain tolerance), and having to reapply the same numbing cream.

When a particular client is in pain, forcing you to stop, this can push your entire schedule back. Having to reschedule appointments can be very annoying, not only for yourself as a practitioner, but to your other clients as well.

How do I Make the Numbing Time Window Last Longer?

By using our complimentary "Freeze Enhancer" with anyone of our numbing creams, the numbing time window increases greatly. This is especially favorable for longer procedures. This includes tattoos and microblading procedures. 

Numbing has it's limits, and doesn't last forever. At the same time it would be uncomfortable for the client if the numbing lasted way too long. Having a numb face for an extra hour would be disadvantageous, so it is good to make the long lasting numbing optional.

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