Should You Let Your Customers Pay for Numbing?

Should You Let Your Customers Pay for Numbing?

Whether you're running a medical spa, doing microblading, or tattoo, you will need topical anesthetics (numbing) to increase customer service experience and tolerance and compliance toward your services.

Since pain tolerance is highly subjective, the same numbing formula may work with most customers but there's always a few exceptions.

Out of these customers who have lower pain threshold, some of them may have psychological fear toward the procedures which increases pain reception.   

Charging customer for numbing may be the solution toward these type of customers.
When these customers have to make a conscious decision to pay for the numbing prior to procedures, psychologically they may believe since they have to pay for numbing, it must be more effective. 

From the professional's perspective, charging for numbing not only allows you to recover or profit from this part the operation cost, you may also apply more adequate amount of numbing since your cost has already been recuperated. 

Some of you may worry that the extra cost may turn customers away. This is when the amount you charge for numbing is important. We recommend charging $15-$20 for the numbing. Don't feel guilty! It will otherwise be your cost and you are the one applying the numbing cream as a service for the customers. Dental clinics are already charging patients for numbing.

If you're frustrated because your customer's low pain tolerance, consider charging for your numbing as a business strategy.


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