Cosmetic Combo

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Cosmetic Freeze works well on its own, but when combined with Freeze Enhancer, the numbing time window and effectiveness increase significantly!


Cosmetic Freeze 50g + Freeze Enhancer 15g

Cosmetic Freeze

  • Designed for topical pain relieve and numbing for general cosmetic/beauty procedures for the face
  • Transdermal action for numbing effect to reach under the stratum corneum (top layer of skin)
  • Can be easily cleaned off prior to start of procedures
  • Customizable Bases: Aqua- Quick Action. 
  • Powerful local anesthetics combination: enables longer numbing action and save time.


Indications: Pain reduction and freezing prior to general cosmetic and beauty procedures for the face

Examples: Microneedling, laser treatments

Ingredients: benzocaine 20%, lidocaine 6%, tetracaine 6%

Base Aqua

Size: 50g


Freeze Enhancer

Topical Numbing Gel:

  • Designed for re-applications during longer procedures
  • Built-In vasoconstrictor that minimizes bleeding from procedures
  • Fast Acting. Saves time in between re-applications
  • "Base Aqua": water based vehicle, does not alter procedure results
  • Less stinging, burning sensations when applied


Indications: Provide numbing and pain relief and minimize bleeding during procedures (permanent make ups, microblading, tattoo).

Ingredients: lidocaine 4%, tetracaine 2%, phenylephrine 2%

Base Aqua

Size: 15g